What is a Homework Planner? A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction to Homework Planning

A student’s schedule is often hectic and heavily loaded. It’s hard to keep track of all homework assignments, but if you fail to do that – you lose points in class. Many students write down their homework in the notes app or after the lecture notes. However, it’s much more effective to have all your assignments in one place. This is when a homework planner comes into play. So, what is a homework planner? It’s a journal or a daily planner that contains all your academic commitments. It’s not a new concept, yet many people fail to recognize just how useful it is. Your schedule, homework and useful information, like professors’ names, have to be contained in one place. A classic daily planner is a great format that serves this purpose well. Allocate the first two pages for your schedule. Draw a table that looks like a calendar and fill each day with your classes. Since they normally don’t change during the semester, this is the ultimate way to keep your schedule always on hand. Then, use the rest of the pages as a normal planner – write down the classes you had each day and the homework you have to do.

Types of Homework Planners

There are many ways to keep track of your schedule. The traditional daily planner is one of them. If a planner format doesn’t work for you, you can use a normal notebook and keep track of your schedule that way. Chaos can have structure to it, too. Writing down your homework assignments as they come up can also be very effective. For some people, the planner format where each page has a date can feel limiting, so do whatever works best for you. Keeping your schedule on the first two pages is still a good idea, regardless of the type of planner you choose. And if you do stick with a notebook method, consider color coding. You could highlight the subjects each assignment is for to not get lost in a wall of text. Or, you could use different color highlighters to signify the importance or urgency of each task. An online homework planner will do that work for you. A designated app for keeping your homework is a fool-proof way to never forget about an assignment. Most will have a notification feature that will alert you about an approaching deadline. The principle is the same – you have your schedule, assignments and professors’ names all in one app. The notifications are, of course, a huge benefit. Your paper planner will not send you an alert that you’ve forgotten about an essay due tomorrow. Planner apps will often have a to-do list ready for you, sorted by urgency. It’s very convenient and practically eliminates any chance of a mishap. Another way to keep track of your schedule is having a wall calendar or a whiteboard in your room. This method is obviously not as mobile as a notebook or a planer app, but it serves the purpose well. Having a calendar right above your desk will help you schedule your next task just by looking up. It’s great when you don’t want to pick up your phone or look for that planner.

Benefits of Using a Homework Planner

The benefits of a homework planner cannot be overstated. It’s literally impossible to keep all your commitments in your mind. Trying to do so will inevitably lead to failing a class or two. But when it comes to keeping track of your assignments, there is also a right and a wrong way. Trying to remember what classes you have the next day and where you wrote down the assignment for it is not productive in the long run. This is why having a planner is a must. Whether you choose a paper notebook, or a homework planner online, keeping your homework all in one place is a great idea. Let’s look at some of the most significant benefits of having your homework properly organized. Reduced stress is a given. When you have all your assignments, classes and dates in one place, you have your workload laid out in front of you. That means you’ll worry less about forgetting something or coming unprepared. That means reduced anxiety before important classes, presentations and tests. Your time management skills will improve. Whether you go for a digital planner or a paper one, your time management is bound to improve. When you get into the habit of planning your homework ahead, you start doing it more mindfully. The reduced stress will give you more time to think, not only improving your overall performance, but also allowing you to register how much time an assignment takes. Then, you can use that information to plan your time even better! The value of being self-organized cannot be overstated. Learning to organize your study routine will foster independence and self-reliance. These skills will serve you way after you graduate. Being independent, responsible and self-organized is extremely valuable in the workplace and when taking care of a family.

How to Overcome Reluctance to Use a Homework Planner

If you’ve been using your notes app or any other method for keeping track of your assignments, you might be reluctant to change anything. Sure, any change is stressful, and planning ahead is hard. But think about all the ways that you’re wasting time when you’re disorganized. Looking through endless notes to find that one page where you jotted down the assignment for the next class can take hours. That valuable time could’ve been spent doing the assignment itself. When it comes to planning, you have to invest some time initially. Find the right planner, learn how to use it best, transfer your schedule into it. Account for another week that it will take you to get used to the new system. But the results are so worth it. What is a homework planner? It’s essentially a lifeline. It’s a way for you to get rid of anxiety, improve your school performance and reputation in the eyes of professors. If you’re struggling to adapt to the change, think of all the benefits that you get in the long run. Not giving yourself a chance to forget an essay due might feel stressful, but it’s not more stressful than actually forgetting one. Once your professors notice the change in your attitude, they might even be more willing to cut you some slack. This is exactly how reputation works. Once you earn the image of a diligent student in their eyes, you don’t have to try so hard. Sure, the actual writing part is not going to be easier. However, when you are organized, it’s easier to get into the work mindset. You will struggle less with writing because you will have less anxiety and won’t panic when compiling the to-do list.

FAQs about Homework Planners